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400 Blake St
New Haven, CT, 06515
United States

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                                                                                    Forgotten Youth | Lost in Thought


~ The Flower is the Most Meaningful Part to the Circle of Life ~

Forgotten Youth is a lifestyle brand curating a community influenced by surf and Skate Culture, art and music.

Our Goal is to Convey the importance of self expression, exploration, awareness and use of imagination.

A generation Lost in Thought. 

 our vision to provide a range of goods to more customers has been a priority. We are fortunate to have the ability to now introduce two facets of design / inspiration. One, focusing solely on two conceptual based collections a year designed by a special artist to collaborate on the projects and is created exclusively on a limited basis, you can only get these products through our website. Once they are gone, the garments released for that specific exclusive collection will never be printed again - first come first serve. The other facet, more broadly available, showcasing the brands identity and lifestyle in a series of collections entitled ‘Bloom Series’.  As always, each FY piece is produced to give a personal connection to the garment so that the customer will be able to create their own collection that no one else may have.