For the people who are first getting to hear about NUSNCE, describe your sound in 3 adjectives. 

NUSNCE: Innovative, soulful, and dynamic

With your anticipated GENISIS EP release this past week we’ve gotten the chance to listen to it over and over again and one track that really stuck out in particular was ‘ Toodooloo’.  Can you tell us a little about the process you go through when creating these songs? 

NUSNCE: Well its basically just spontaneous and natural. I open up my laptop, listen to various records for inspiration and just jam out. I always try and find records that I would not expect to sample and flip them into something totally different. I also play keys and add my own flavor to different samples when creating a track.

Throughout the whole record you can really get a sense of all the different places you’ve taken inspiration from, who / what would you say were your biggest influences for writing this record? 

NUSNCE: Word, theres a whole lot of different vibes i tried to bring to the table with this record. But some of the inspirations i could think off the top would be J Dilla, the whole Soulection crew, early 2000's music, but most importantly, myself.

Do you have any background in music, growing up did you play any instruments?

NUSNCE: Yeah I have been around music my whole life and it runs throughout my family. My uncle actually played keys for a Peruvian cumbia band called "Pintura Roja" back in the 80s and was very known around South America. My father was also a big music head when I was growing up and always had different instruments laying around the house such as drums, electric pianos, different percussion instruments he brought back from Peru and I would always use them as a kid. That is where my love for music started.

Are you currently in school?

NUSNCE: Yeah i'm almost done with college at the moment

What are you studying?

NUSNCE:  Im actually majoring in something so unrelated to music, public health. I know this is not my passion but i'm basically just doing this whole college thing to make my satisfy my parents, as sad as that sounds. But i'm also making music trying to make a name for myself while i'm here in school so when I graduate I could just focus on music and follow my real passion of becoming a producer/performer, which will happen either way.

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After listening to the EP front to back for the first time it is apparent how much heart and soul you put into your music. Each song has a character of it’s own and the way each song transitions to one another brings the listener on a ride through the mind of NUSNCE. What do you have planned moving forward? 

NUSNCE:  Well of course more music haha! For now i'm just dropping singles and remixes on my Soundcloud getting as much music as i can out there for people to vibe out to. Im also working on a new project that will focus more on boombap style hip-hop beats with a touch of my own flavor and that will be expected to drop sometime next year, I don't have an exact date right now but it'll be sooner than later. Im also getting into doing more DJ performances so follow my social media to find out when I play a show near you!



Instagram : @nusnce

Soundcloud - www.soundcloud.com/nusnce

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