'Finding Myself Elsewhere' Look-Book 

Photography : Sebastiano Arpaia

A collection of visuals from our 10 day road-trip out west to Colorado, Utah and New Mexico

The concept behind this collection was a collaborative effort between FY and Toronto Based Poet, Joe Straynge, who created a series of poems based of the brand's lifestyle and outlook which we used as inspiration for each piece that is apart of our Summer Release. 

 I am endlessly finding myself elsewhere

Wherever I am, 

Whether it be on the roads of northern Ontario or the beaches of California

I am 

Dreaming of where my next footprints will be left behind. 

Who will share them with me? Who will step softly in the absence of my body? 

I yearn endlessly to find myself elsewhere


Even if it means leaving all of this comfort for something forgotten, youthful and everlasting


Joe Straynge