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400 Blake St
New Haven, CT, 06515
United States

FY " Home Good's " Collaboration w/ O'douds Apothecary


FY " Home Good's " Collaboration w/ O'douds Apothecary

Forgotten Youth

Very excited to release 2 exclusive and unique products to our Summer / Pre-Fall lineup with our friends O'douds. 

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La Rosa Coffee Soap Bar

Made with our own Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee mixed with some Grounds as skin exfoliant.  

La Rosa Soap Bar (O'douds Collab)
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BLOOM Scented Candle

A mix of Coffee, Lavender, Walnut, and Lemon our 2nd Collaborative product, our BLOOM (reusable coffee mug) candles carry the perfect scent to fill your space. DISCLAIMER *Please keep candles lit for 1.5 hours when initally lighting them*

Almond 'BLOOM' re-usable Candle Mug
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